Cablelynx’s Charity Contribution

It was a lovely surprise to come into the office earlier this week to a fabulously fun letter from Comic Relief.

Cablelynx Ltd has been acknowledged by the organisation as a “Super Fundraiser”, as we have been raising money for easily over 10 years.

As a family run and oriented business, the spirit of charity and community is very important to us and is ultimately at the core of what we do – even more so after having experienced a pandemic forcing people to come together in new innovative ways or prevented them from coming together at all.

Mostly, our fundraising efforts are people driven  – we have a bake sale run through the course of the week, culminating on the Friday. We can always rely on Anne’s cheese and marmite twists to make an appearance, Bobbie and Charlie’s vegan ventures, and Will’s wife’s delectable brownies.

Who would have guessed that stuffing your face with baked goods gets you a signed letter from Sir Lenny Henry?

In the spirit of fun, we encourage all our staff to participate in a Fancy-Dress Friday! Some of the special guest appearances include Super-Ted, a Deer, a Geisha Girl, and even staff members dressing up as each other which really is a sight to be seen. No harm done with the aim of the game being to raise as much money as possible

Take a look below to see what our letter said;

We would like to say a huge thank you to Comic Relief for the acknowledgement of the hard work we have put into raising money over the last decade or so. However more importantly we want to thank all the staff that have come, gone, and stayed over the years for their contributions to the cause. Without the real donations from real people, the work this charity carries out wouldn’t be possible.

Cablelynx Ltd
79 Tenter Road
Moulton Park