Test & Inspection


All items are thoroughly tested throughout the build process for continuity and adherence to drawing, as per our quality system.

Initial Checks – Ensure the correct drawing revision and works instruction pack are included in each kit.

‘First Off’ – Quality checks start from the ‘first off’ cable assembly produced in each and every batch.

Final Test – We carry out a variety of tests, ranging from visual and continuity tests, up to hi-pot tests and inspections to IPC class 3 standards. All custom cable assemblies, Panel Builds, Military Assemblies & Wiring Looms etc, are tested to the unique requirements of the customer.

Continuous Improvement –  In accordance with our ISO9001:2015 quality management system, all inspection data including; allocated technicians, authorisations, failure reasons, manufacturing times and ‘pull off’ values are recorded and analysed in order to improve the productivity, quality & delivery of our manufactured items.