Ribbon Cables

Quality Ribbon Cable Assembly Manufacturing from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

At Cablelynx Ltd we have many years experience with manufacturing and selling ribbon cable assemblies.

The use of a Bench Press and automated cutters enables us to offer a reliable, quick and cost effective solution to your requirements.

We produce a variety of custom ribbon cable assemblies for example:

  • Standard grey
  • Rainbow
  • Screened
  • Round and flat
  • Twist and flat
    ……..in all pitches, with a variety of connectors:
  • D Type
  • Centronics
  • IDC
  • Solder transition
  • PCB dual inline
  • Female socket
  • DIL plug
  • DIN
  • SCSI
  • Card Edge

…by all the major suppliers, such as Tyco, Molex, Harting, 3M and low cost equivelents

All products are built in our ISO9001:2015 certified production facility and are 100% inspected and tested before despatch.

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Cablelynx Ltd
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