Cable Assembly Product Examples

At Cablelynx Ltd we manufacture and supply custom cable assemblies, harnesses and wiring looms from our UK manufacturing and distribution unit in Northampton.

With our experienced and skilled team, years of cable assembly experience and our variety of specialist equipment, we supply only quality manufactured products regardless of volume. Here are some of the products and services that we offer:

Cable Assemblies, Custom Cables & Harnesses
We can manufacture custom cable assemblies, harnesses and looms, from multicore and coax to CAT5 and ribbon cables etc, terminated with a variety of connector types to suit your pin-out specifications. More information.

Wiring Looms
We have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best quality wiring looms on time and on budget. More information.

Military Assemblies
We manufacture a variety of military specification cable assemblies using all the leading military cable and connector manufacturers, suitable for a variety of environments from high/low temperature and current, waterproof and harsh environments. More information.

Box/Panel Build & Sub Assemblies
We assemble and test partial or complete Box Build and Sub-Assembly units to custom specifications, whether it be free issue or procured components. More information.

RF Coaxial/Triaxial
We manufacture and source  Coax and Triax cable assemblies of all types, depending on the requirements for frequency and signal protection. More information.

Ribbon Cables
At Cablelynx Ltd we have many years experience of manufacturing and selling a wide range of ribbon cable assemblies. More information.

Through Hole PCBs
Full assembly of boards using through hole components. More information.

Ultrasonic Welding
We have the ability to now manufacture to any ultrasonic welding joints needed for your assembly More information.


Cable and Wire Preparation
Cables cut to length, stripped, crimped, twisted, tinned, soldered, coiled and labelled. By using our specialist de-reeling and cut & strip equipment, we can prepare a variety of cable types and volumes to suit your production requirements with ease.

Where required, we can supply prototypes and sample assemblies to confirm product suitability prior to production runs and aid trails.

All items are thoroughly Tested throughout the build process for continuity and adherence to drawing, as per our quality system. Our assemblies are tested for correct pinout with a variety of testers.

Whether you want one off or thousands off, simple cable preparation or complex looms comprising multiple cores, connectors and conduit, we will give you the same level of service and quality. From your initial enquiry, we will give you a prompt efficient service from quotation, and then use our expertise to obtain component parts from the best sources for quality, speed of delivery and cost. Your order will then be made by our experienced and qualified staff who take pride in their work so it will reach you fully tested and ready to go into your production.

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