Motorsport Assemblies

Motorsport wiring loom, harness and cable assembly

Benefit from our extensive experience within the wiring loom, harness and cable assembly industry and within the motorsport sector. Our high quality manufacturing focus, combined with our fast turnaround mentality has enabled us to transition into the Motorsport sector with ease.. We currently support customers whose vehicles go into Varied Track based and Rally motorsport.

All our motorsport wiring looms, harnesses and assemblies are built to the highest quality standards using the latest industry best practises. We work to our customers’ exact specifications and standards as we understand every application has its unique requirement, being it our customers in-house practises or an environmental requirement.

We are happy to assist you with your requirements no matter the physical size or quantity from one sensor termination up-to multiple full motorsport looms we would be happy to help. Click here to let us help you with your Motorsport requirements.

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