ISO9001:2015 Transition Success!

We are very pleased to have passed our ISO9001 to the 2015 revision with flying colours!

With the use of Turtle diagrams for the key areas of the business, we have been able to really examine the inputs and outputs of each process and develop a new set of process quantifiers. All our quantifiers are recorded, monitored (and actioned) against our internal objectives and we are subsequently increasing our drive for continuous improvement.

The increased emphasis on the ‘Process Approach’ has also resulted in an even greater awareness and commitment by the process owners and management team and we plan to utilise and develop the new framework, which has proven to be a success so far. 

Hopefully we can continue to improve on our already high standards of Quality and delivery performance for all of our Custom Cable Assemblies, Box & Panel Builds, RF / Coaxial Cables and Military assemblies….. to name a few!

Cablelynx Ltd
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