Everything is Important – That Success is in the Details

Time for another update about the happenings over here at Cablelynx over the last few weeks! We’ve been very busy manufacturing bespoke cable solutions to all our wonderful customers, and trying to navigate the post-Covid, post-Brexit supply chain issues with our superstar suppliers, who have all been so wonderful and accommodating to us while we all try and work our way around these never-before-experienced problems! 

Take a look at the gorgeous soldering on this military circular connector! When this photo was taken, it had just been freshly soldered and was still smoking before assembly later that day!

We’ve also been working on some panels that are a little more technical too, over the last few days! Look at this clean and tidy panel build assembled earlier this week; it pays to take pride in tidy and intricate work!

Back in September, you may or may not have seen highlights from DSEI2021 or SUBCON2021! It was great to see some military and MOD engineering solutions, manufacturing and cable assemblies! Take a look at one of our military surveillance builds! These circular military connectors are soldered, labelled, and ty-wrapped for functions unique to each of our customers

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