Our manufacturing unit is fully equipped with automated tooling to aid in speed of manufacture, enabling us to reduce costs and meet your deadlines.

Manufacturing Machines:

  • Kodera cut and strip machineManufacturing & Test Equipment
  • AMP crimp machine
  • Molex crimp machine
  • JST crimp machine
  • Framatone crimp machine
  • Schleuniger stripping machine
  • Automatic strip and crimp for D-Type
  • Automatic strip and crimp for molex

A wide range of hand tools including:

  • RJ45
  • Mini-fit
  • Framatone
  • JST
  • Coax connectors
  • Molex

Testing equipment:

  • Cirris tester
  • Pull-off tester
  • Bleep tester
  • Megger meter
  • Cirris hi-pot tester
  • Clare hi-pot tester