Another weekly update from Cablelynx!

Something a little different today; these builds use ten-way metal feed through connectors, PTFE cable, and polyurathane coated glass sleeving to protect the wire.

We can supply a large variety of cable terminations to suit your needs; these assemblies use red right angle push on flag crimps, uninsulated push on terminals, and 0.75mm bootlace ferrules. We can do this using a variety of hand tools, bench presses, and strip and crimp machines, depending on the cable and termination type!

This is one of our larger panel builds, assembled with care and precision by the team here at Cablelynx. It was dispatched on Friday to the customer ready for installation. We can assist you with your panel builds of all sizes and purpose, and aim to give you the most professional outcome to meet your wiring needs!
How many idents can you count?

Take a look at this cable loom. It looks great with all ends loaded into this Phoenix Insert connector, or terminated with bootlace ferrules and identified ready for installation by the customer.

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