Cablelynx Stands With Ukraine

On the 2nd February 2022, Cablelynx organised a drive at the manufacturing unit, encouraging staff to donate good to support Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border.

Refugee supplies, in bags for life, stacked on a worktop

Unorganised Refugee Supplies

This collection (organised by friends of the business, the fantastic Martin and Iryna Kaprockyj) focussed heavily on the urgent need for medical supplies, as well as baby supplies and food, and was taken to the Ukrainian church in Peterborough on Thursday 3rd, and was then driven to Poland in multiple vans and lorries.

Its hugely heart-warming to see how much can be achieved when people work together – the entire collection and delivery from supplies has been organised and contributed to by normal people (no officials or charities), and we wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our staff for their generosity and selflessness, and willingness to get involved. We have never been more proud.

When the boxes arrivd at the Ukranian church in Peterborough, and joined the rest of theshipment, Martin and Iryna were thrilled and couldn’t believe what we ha pulled together in 12 hour (and to be frank, neither could we!). They were emotional as they said their thank-yous, and expressed how pleased they were that we had organised our supplies by category, and labelled them up in English, Ukranian and Polish! A huge thank you to Kamila Kot, one of our technical solderers, for taking time out of her day to translate and label all the boxes to make it more efficient for those on the recieving end! We have yet to hear if the supplies have arrived at the Polish border.

We aren’t here to sell you our products, or tell you why we are better than our competitors. We’re here to sing the praises of our wonderful staff and family, who have all contributed and shown exactlywhat can be accomplished by people when we all think with compassion and generosity.

We also want to encourage anyone who sees this, to find out about donations and supply shipments in your area, and to give generously to those affected by this crisis!

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