Cablelynx Christmas 2021

Snowflake Ornament hanging on Christmas tree.

Cablelynx Christmas 2021

Thursday 9th December 2021 was our Cablelynx Christmas Party!

For a second year the best-laid plans of mice and went went awry due to Coronavirus restrictions, however this year we took the power into our own hands!

The factory units were all decorated up in Christmas trees, tinsel, and many other decorations to make the place feel festive and ready for celebrations! Even the staff came dressed in their holiday glad rags and festive jumpers! Everyone looked fantastic!


Later in the afternoon, the wonderful folk from local restaurant The Smoke Pit came and gave us all a belly full of the best barbecue and smoked food we’d had in a long long time! Our menus included: 18 hour brisket, 15 hour pulled pork, hot link sausage, chicken thighs, St Louis ribs, turkey breast, pigs in blankets, and burnt end beans!

We even had a spread of jackfruit, plant based chilli chicken, smoked tofu, BBQ corn “wings”, plant based chorizo style sausage, and falafel with chipotle “mayonnaise” for the vegans amongst us! It was such a delicious treat and the staff from The Smoke Pit did a fantastic job of providing a fully hygienic and socially distant buffet in one of our units; we genuinely cannot thank them enough for giving us such a great meal! 

We stopped after our lunch for a spot of Secret Santa, and the CBX Crimbo Awards (which are in no way a direct rip off of The Dundies from The American Office), and commenced in an afternoon of merriment.

Laughs were shared, drinks were had, and even some nerf gun wars before wrapping up sending everyone home at 4:30 with their designated drivers!


To all our clients and customers in 2021, thank you for making this year one of our busiest and most exciting yet! We hope we have kept you happy and you’ll be back to work with us in 2022!

And to all the staff, thank you for making Cablelynx a family, for making every day interesting and full of laughs, and for keeping spirits high when the immeasurable workload is even higher! Cablelynx wouldn’t be this special without you!

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year! 

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