About Us

Our Methodology

At Cablelynx Ltd we pride ourselves on providing great service to our customers, without fail. Now this may not seem like an extraordinary quote. But what we deliver is just that; reliable good service, consistently. We don’t believe in gimmicks, that’s why we back up what we say by telling you how we do it. For us, providing a great service to you means:


  • Cablelynx Ltd has been registered by UKAS Quality Management to the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000 since 2007, achieving certification to ISO 9001: 2015 in 2018.
    • To download a copy of our Quality Policy, click here.
    • To download a copy of our certificate, click here.
  • Test equipment and tailored processes are in place to ensure your standards.
  • Vast knowledge through a range of products and customers.
  • Specialised staff in specific products and skills.


  • You will get your order, on time; every time.
  • We work with you, to meet your deadlines. We have systems and protocols in place to support us. These enable us to deliver speed of production and response to you.


  • You will receive the same personal service and approach every time you place an order with us; no matter the quantity or number of the order.
  • Systems and processes are in place to ensure reliability.

Easy to deal with

  • We talk in a language we all speak; plain English. No jargon. A straight talking practical human approach.

Value for money

  • We offer competitive prices, not necessarily always the cheapest but as you know sometimes in life, you get what you pay for. And that’s what you’re getting with us.


  • We know our business needs change from time to time, and understand that yours will too.

Our Team

Our assembly team are trained to high standards, the core having many years experience of producing cable assemblies and PCBs. Our team are positive, honest and committed individuals with an excellent attitude and application to work who strive to achieve high standards. Cablelynx are committed to continual learning and development of all team members.

Vast experience with all different types of cable assemblies and cable harnesses means we are able to offer expert advice on design, materials and application suitability. Over the years many of our customers have benefited from this service and what’s more, it’s all included within the price.

Cablelynx Ltd
79 Tenter Road
Moulton Park