Here’s to 2022

New year, new Cablelynx…only not quite!
We hope everyone has enjoyed some down time over this festive period, eaten plenty and hopefully drank even more! But reality has come crashing back around and we’re all back off to work fresh and ready to charge head first into 2022!

Our 2022 Goals are to keep the same level of high quality cable assemblies we have always built, whilst still being genuine and honest business people, who won’t make it difficult to work with us

We also want to see an increase in our pass/fail ratio, making sure that for every wiring harness we build that’s not quite up to scratch, there’s an even greater amount than last year that pass through quality control with flying colours!

Its been an interesting start to the year so far, with a few members of staff away due to Covid and Covid related restrictions, and we’ve struggled to receive some parts and orders as they have been held up at borders trying to leave other countries and enter the UK, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be making the best of our situation and firing assemblies out the door.  

Cablelynx Ltd
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