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Cablelynx logo, wiring looms, and contact details.

Logo and contact details.

We’re back again, and better than ever. The “news” section of our website has been neglected for some time (thanks, coronavirus) but we are pleased to announce that we not only grew in size during lockdown but that we are very excited to share part of our new business adventures with you all! If you want to really keep up to date with what we are doing, your best bet is to follow us on LinkedIn, where we post daily with content about our new builds flying out the door, plus exciting “behind the scenes” work from inside the manufacturing shop.

Not only have we been on a new venture, helping the ventilator cable assembly effort throughout the pandemic crisis, but we have expanded into a second unit right next door. It was such a mess when we moved in, but with plenty of tender loving care we are now using both units all our opening hours to meet your cable assembly needs! Check out how great it looks from the outside with both of the signs out the front:

Outside view of both Cablelynx factory units, side by side with new signage.

Outside view of both Cablelynx factory units.

In the meantime, as we get ready to bring you more and more updates from all things Camp Cablelynx, we hope everyone has kept themselves safe during these unprecedented times and we will give you one of our first updates since stepping back up to the plate of our LinkedIn account

Samples of blue, tri-rated 0.5mm and 0.75mm wire, with white 0.5mm and 0.75mm bootlace ferrules, and rubber ident locators! These are ready to be tested and inspected by our quality control department before dispatch to the customer.

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Sample wiring looms, with LSZH Wire, bootlace ferrules, and idents.

Blue LSZH Wire, with bootlace ferrules and idents.

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